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The forums allow members to exchange information and advice. Please ensure that you post in the correct forum, eg. General, Exhausts, Interior etc, and that your posts are polite.

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HTML has been disabled within posts, but 'Forum Codes' have been implemented to change the appearance of your posts. Click here for a forum code tutorial. This link is also available on the forum and the private message pages.

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Private messages allow you to communicate with individuals without revealing your email address. Private messages are visible only to the recipient, and cannot be viewed by anyone else.

To send a message, click the 'Private Messages' link on the homepage and then 'new message'. Enter the username of the recipient, the subject and the message, and then click send. Alternatively you can send a message to a specific user by clicking on the 'Send PM' link next to their posts in the forums.

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Attaching Images

You can attach an image to a post to further enhance your replies. Images must be gif, png or jpg format, and can be no greater than 640x480 pixels in size.

To attach an image to a new post, click the 'browse' button and select the image you wish to attach. Enter the subject and message as normal and click submit. The submit process will take a little longer than usual as the image is uploaded to the website. Please ensure that you press the submit button only once.

If you wish to delete the attached image from your post, click the 'edit' link next to your post and select the 'delete attached image' checkbox.

If you wish to attach a different image to your post, click the 'edit' button and select a new image. The old image will be overwritten and the new image will be used.

Creating Polls

You can now create a poll with up to 5 options to allow other users to vote. Each user is allowed one vote, and results are displayed as basic line graphs.

To add a poll to a forum thread, click the 'Add Poll' checkbox on the New Thread page. Two options will be displayed, if you need more, click the 'add option' link.

Users who have not voted will see the voting form and the results graphs. Users who have voted will just see the results graphs.

Member Chat

As a full member, you have the ability to Chat Online with other members. The blue bar in the bottom-right of the website is your minimised chat window.

To start a chat, click the 'chat' link in a forum signature, or on the user profile pages. The chat window will appear, the header will turn red, and the entry form will appear. When the connection is made (this may take a few seconds), the first message to appear will be "your username is online". When you see "their username is online" you know that the other user is ready to chat.

The chat will timeout and close after a minute of inactivity. Alternatively, you can type the word 'exit' to end the chat session. Your chat window will turn blue when the connection is closed.

Known issue - if you have more than one browser window (or tab) open on this website, they will both fight over which window receives the new chat messages ... which means neither window will get all of them. This means that Member Chat only works properly if you only have one window open.

Thanking Users

Underneath each username on the left-hand-side of the forum pages are two buttons: +1 and -1. To thank a user for a particularly helpful reply, click the +1 button. If a reply is partuclarly unhelpful, click the -1 button.

At the end of each month, the 'Thanks' votes are added up and the user with the highest is crowned "Member Of The Month".

Advertising Cars

All members are welcome to advertise their cars for sale. To create a new advert, start a new thread in the "Cars For Sale" forum. Complete the advert form, and include a photo as an attachment to the first post. Full details will be displayed in the forum thread, and a small banner advert displayed in the footer of the website.

You can edit the advert details at any time by editing the first post of the thread. When your car is sold, change the advert status from Active to Inactive. The car details will still be visible in the thread, but the advert will be removed from the website footer.

Version II

In October 2003, every page on the website was re-written. The reason for this was that the database of forum threads, gallery images and user information was becoming far bigger than expected, and the original code was starting to struggle, causing huge delays in loading pages.

The method of logging in and out of the site was also made more secure, and used (slightly) more advanced encryption to ensure member details cannot be intercepted or copied from a computer.

Version III

Throughout the summer of 2010, the website was re-written again, to further optimise the code and to introduce levels of membership. The reason for this was that the database was becoming bloated and uncontrollable. The different levels of membership combine with the auto-archive functions to ensure that only the content of relevance is kept. This keeps the database, and the website, leaner and faster.

The method of logging in and out of the site has also been made even more secure, and uses considerably more advanced encryption.

Version IV

At the start of 2019, the website was updated again, to remove membership and make the website entirely free again.

Website Limits

To help speed up the operation of the site, there are various file size limits in operation.

Avatars 150 x 150 16 Kb
Forum Attachments 640 x 480 256 Kb
PM Attachments 640 x 480 256 Kb
Gallery Images 640 x 480 256 Kb
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