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One of the most key features of the 306 GTi-6 and Rallye owners club is the amount of model-specific knowledge built up over the years, most of it from direct experience of individual members, and backed up by photographs of key stages.

In response to recent requests, the FAQs have been catalogue and divided up into sections below. This list will continue to evolve as new FAQs are added. If you have any comments about any of the FAQs, or wish to draw attention to any particularly good/bad ones, please contact the Admin team who will update this index.

As a reminder, feel free to make use of all the advice contained in these FAQs, but remember that you do so at your own risk. Neither the club, nor the original author takes any responsibility for problems caused by following these guides.

Forum - General advice on use of the forum

Forum usage guidelines
Creating links in threads (clickys)
Forum avatars
For sale advert template
For sale rules
AOL Email Addresses
Hot Linking Images
Create your avatar

General - general advice about the 306 GTi-6/Rallye

306 GTi-6 & Rallye buying guide
306 GTi-6 & Rallye buying guide (improved v2)
GTi-6 general information
GTi-6/Rallye press reviews
Club Downloads (service guide, brochure etc)
Build code & production dates
Paint codes
VIN number mystery solved
GTi/Rallye decal part numbers
Insurance FAQ
Trackday advice/costs
Phase 3 Differences to Phase 2
GTi-6 & Rallye Differences
GTi-6 Review
Taking your 306 Abroad
The 306 Manual
Find Out Where Your Car Was Built
Recommended Garages
Service Box
Helicoil/Recoil FAQ
Places to Buy Parts/Spares
306 Haynes Manual

Servicing - everything you need to know for DIY servicing

Servicing guide
Resetting service indicator
Common torque settings
Common parts list
Which oil?
Buying Oil Basic Advice


Sensor locations
Engine removal
Autodata cambelt guide
Cambelt timing guide
Cambelt DIY change FAQ
Cambelt kit confusion
The ECU reset - how to
XSi to GTi-6 inlet manifold swap
Vacuum pump replacement
Fuel pump relay FAQ
Auxiliary (fan) belt replacement
Stepper motor (idle control valve) FAQ 1
Stepper motor (idle control valve) FAQ 2
Fuel pump FAQ
Lambda (O2) sensor FAQ
Inlet manifold gasket replacement
K&N induction guide
Testing Sensors
Autodata Diagnostic Sensor Tests
Engine Service / Repair Manual
Brief 136 / 137 Tooth Cambelt Kit Advice


Engine mount replacement
Engine mount crack failure - photograps
Engine mount mod
Gearbox mount FAQ
Bottom Engine Mount FAQ
Fitting Lower Engine Mount


Clutch cable replacement
Quickshift fitting guide 1
Quickshift fitting guide 2
Clutch Cable Change - The Simple Version

Cooling system

Radiator fitting guide
Nissens radiators - information
Cooling fan system FAQ
Dashboard (and Heater Matrix) Removal


Brake discs/pads reviews
Bedding 'em in!
Brake caliper rebuild FAQ
Handbrake adjustment
Changing brake fluid
Brake pad replacement
Rear brake pad replacement
Brake bleeding
Rear brake bleeding
Wilwood Fitting
ABS fault diagnostics


Torsion bar lowering
Rose jointed droplinks - fitment and adjustment
Track rod end replacement
CV boot servicing
Rear shocks replacement
Wishbones replacement
Rear axle mount bushes replacement
Front wheel bearing replacement
Driveshaft/Eng Mount/Speedo
'P' bush replacement
Power steering ram replacement
Droplink replacement
Wheel Stud Size
Top Mount/Bearing
Rear Beam Rebuild and Adjustment
Rear Beam Replacement Guide

Air conditioning
Peugeot 306 GTi-6 aircon guide
A/C control repair
A/C spring lock join FAQ
Blower Squeek
Heater Matrix


Exhaust summary
Fitting an exhaust/decat


Autodata wiring Diagrams
Indicator stalk repair
Brake light switch
Radio code FAQ
Key battery replacement
Common central locking problems
Central locking
Speedo dials not working?
Speedo and dial removal FAQ
Heater matrix guide 1
Rallye heater matrix guide 2
Airbag system FAQ
Door Card Removal
Phase 3 fuse box FAQ
Phase 2 fuse box FAQ
Central Facia & Buld Replacement
Window Switch Mini FAQ
Battery to Boot
No Power/Dash/Clock
Dead Battery Problems
Retrofitting an Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror


Rallye Decal Positioning
Rear bumper removal
Window repair
Check strap/door card removal
Bonnet pins FAQ
Phase 2 lights Into a Phase 1
Fog light / Front bumper Removal
Changing Front Wiper Motors for LHD cars, and photos now missing


Ph1 to Ph2/Ph3 headlight ch...
DIY Black Mask FAQ
Fog light FAQ/front bumper removal


Alarm siren - battery replacement
Phase 1 Immobiliser Code Change How To
Alarm Common Problems
Ultrasonics Replacement


Wheel refurbishment FAQ
Thread profile of hubs/wheels
Tyre reviews
Who Owns Which Tyre
DIY Guide To Refurbishing Cyclones
R888 setup advice from Toyo UK


Newbie trackday guide

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Trackday, trackday, trackday Hyper
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FAQ index updated


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