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Author Subject: I'm back!



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Just thought I'd say Hi,

Used to be an active member on this forum about 20 years ago when I last owned a GTI6, i sold it after I had 2 engines blow up!
So, I decided to buy myself another one LOL it needs some work but looking forward to spending a few quid getting it back up to scratch again!

Needs quite a few things, haven't written a list yet as only bought it earlier this week! I had a black one when I was 20, but always liked the moonstone blue so I now have one! Smile

Cheers Thumbs up
Posted 3rd May 2024 at 11:49

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Welcome back. Been a long time since my 6 was written off but I still miss it. Id probably still be driving it today otherwise.


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Black T'99 Gti - may she rest in peace - written off in a shunt on the A329m
Posted 4th May 2024 at 23:44

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I’m on the same path so looking forward to seeing your build


team umpalumpa.
Posted 8th May 2024 at 19:04

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Hi there!

Almost exact story as me! owned a 98 Diablo GTI6 and 99 white Rallye, then got married and had kids…. 20 years later I’m back to my roots. Enjoyed the Bavarian motors recently with a 2017 M3 competition and a 2023 M4 competition, but sold these as just wasn’t using them as they were designed. Reinvested in to house refurbishment but kept a little to myself and bought a P3 China Blue GTI6 off a Pistonheads auction recently.

Plan is to keep the standard look but some engine and brake mods. It’s in pretty good condition but will look to tidy it up further.



Posted 15th May 2024 at 21:55

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