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Great to see the forum is still alive and well. This is my first post for many years!! I have a 1999 306 GTI that I have owned since 2007. The car has sat in dry storage since 2009 when i went on a career break traveling and never got this car back on the road. It has started a few Times since then and I've take out for a quick spin to blow off the cobwebs. I think the last time was in 2016. This year I am thinking of taking it out on the road again and getting it NCT/MOT;d and taxed etc. on a classic policy.

I'm a bit of petrol head and have a Golf MK5 GTI daily, Mx5 99 10th anniversary, 1.8. Also, a Yamaha FZS600 Bike & a 1978 T2 Microbus for restoration. I do a lot of my own work but am busy ATM with a MX5 clean up and hopefully starting a VW Bay window in the near future. Also busy with a gowning young family but the shed is my free head space. I think i will farm out the resto work to a neighbor Indy mechanic. I'm going to start buying up parts firstly. I intend to keep the car at least until the 30 yr make 2029 when can get cheap Irish tax rate. I was waiting for the prices to explode on these buy never really happened here yet so will wait for another while. I really want to do a track day in this car too. These GTI-6s are extremely rare in Ireland now. I have kept it till now as life's got in the way but I have have a new to me house and 2 bay garage so will have a place for it next winter once io moved the MX5 away. It is in my mothers ATM about 90mins away but boxed in a garage by may other cars so not really accessible. There are very good back roads where i live now in the west of Ireland for late night spins.

The car has 90K Miles and asides from a couple of parking dings etc. is pretty clean, Paints great & there is zero rust underneath. The car has a K&N low mount intake (sounds great) and was remapped with a ?? DANTeck ?? piggy back ECU and rolling roaded at a claimed 164<181 BHP. don't laugh !! It always felt very quick to me. Sounds great too. The car has a AP race clutch fitted by previous owner that is pretty awful in traffic. We found this when replacing the gear box that had 3rd gear implode randomly one day.

I also have a swampy earthing kit from here. I think it was a contemptious topic back in the day. I think I still have too a short shifter somewhere that I bought off here but never fitted. I also have a spare set of injectors that I might refurb & fit.
I have had problem starting it but was pretty sure if was just the fuel filter blocked & old fuel etc. It runs 100%

The car is a long term tapper but that never bothered me before and i think il go on ignoring it again. I was always intended on getting a replacement engine/head but never did and probably missed that boat now/

Of the fly this is the list of jobs & part i have in my head to put car back on the road.
-New Battery
-Engine Oil & filter, ( i did these last time i started up)
-Drain old fuel, flush fuel lines
-Fuel filter and replace soon afterward again
-Replace & bleed brakes.
-Pads & discs all round (do these go bad over time ??) Rear look bad anyway
-TBelp, WP & thermostart, coolant
- Accessory belt (s ?)
-Intake manifold gasket & TB (this leaks)
-New tyres, Are 195/50/15 OK or are people still hung up on 55 profiles ???? i have the original cyclones.

detail polish, underseal later etc
Replace radio & speakers that i put in another car since
Review wiring,

What other essentials jobs should I consider ? any cheap sensors i should replace as preventative maintenance activity ??
The TPS wiring broke my hearts when i got it first...….

My Resto budget is Very tight. where is best for parts ? i dont do main dealers and UK is out with brexit & customs charges. I get a lot of stuff from AutoDoc for the other cars.

PFA 2016

PFA 2007

Thanks for reading
Posted 13th Mar 2023 at 15:44

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Change the timing belt, water pump, etc before you start it again as may snap after all this time


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Posted 15th Mar 2023 at 16:48


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rudolf wrote:
Change the timing belt, water pump, etc before you start it again as may snap after all this time

X 2 on that one Thumbs up I would change all fluids and belts, check all rubber components like drop links, ball joints etc, get new tyres, MOT, tax and insurance and get her going for the summer and enjoy! I’m just in the middle of doing a heater matrix which is fun especially when you leave it for a week and can’t remember where anything went Crazy Mine needs a full respray at some point but I’ve inherited a Porsche 911e so just spent 20 grand on that getting it up to a road worthy condition….

I will NEVER get rid of my 306 unless I write it off or get offered silly money for it. Last year I spent 6 grand getting Jenvey 45’s and fast road cams, lsd, shortened final drive etc etc, she’s now making 202 bhp and the smile it puts on my face when you keep up with 30/40k BMW is just unreal. I get home with my face hurting because I’ve been laughing at all the people trying to “race” me….. fools!Big grin Good luck with your Gti Thumbs up
Posted 30th Mar 2023 at 09:18

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Mine was off the road for 6 years, got it back on the road 2 years ago and hammered the trackdays. Its been great and as Ad said, Im probably along the same lines that I would never sell unless daft money.

Had mine 17 years now, its in need of a full tart up but I've just been enjoying it for what it is these past few years and intend to do the same again this year.


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Posted 30th Mar 2023 at 13:00

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