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Author Subject: passenger window goes down and NOT UP :(

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for ages in my XSI, my passenger window would only go down....and intermittantly go up.

both switches, the drivers switch for the passenger window and passengers switch would have this same issue.

ive left it alone for ages but i had a passenger this evening and they made it go down. Sad

strangely now though, the passenger switch will only make it go further down but the drivers switch does not work it at all.
(drivers side switch still works the driver side window fine btw)

ive taken the door card off and applied 12v manually to wind it back up and left the motor disconnected to prevent this in future....but id kinda like to get it working normally and need some help to narrow the problem down.

this evening ive swapped the drivers switch from my gti6 (has an A on one of the window switch unlike my xsi switch) and it blew a 30amp fuse as soon as it was plugged in. so no luck there :s

ive also swapped the passenger side switch from the same gti6 and again no luck (only goes down) (didnt blow a fuse this time).

ive found one relay that stops both windows from working when removed but i am not sure (doubtful) if there is another relay for the sole purpose of making the passenger window go up. ?

so between a ghost relay, a dicky driver side switch...or a bad loom (somewhere very awkward i guess) im not sure what else to check.

help please?


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Posted 15th Dec 2023 at 22:16

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