All-new 6-speed gearbox For many years the 306 GTi-6 has been described as the "King of Hot Hatches". Although the 306 range was introduced in April 1993, the GTi-6 was only introduced in July 1996, featuring the redesigned XU10J4R engine and an all-new Peugeot Sport 6-speed gearbox.

GTi-6 leather/alcantara trimmed interior

The 306 range was given a facelift in April 1997 including new headlights, foglights, grille, instrument panel, parcel shelf, doors, bigger bumpers, and side-impact protection.

The GTi-6 saw the introduction of leather/alcantara trim in February 1998, and November saw the launch of the 306 Rallye, a limited edition of 500 stripped-out GTi-6, 52kg lighter than the original.

In June 1999 the GTi-6 was revised again, including crystal lights, round foglights, clear repeaters, silver dash and aluminium gearstick, and another parcel shelf redesign. Informally labelled as "phase 3", the GTi-6 retained the crown until the discontinuation of the 306 range in Spring 2001.

2litre, 16v, twin-cam engine, with multipoint fuel injection

The GTi-6 has been awarded 'Best GTi' by Autocar and ranked highly in every test report in automotive journalism, and for many years Brands Hatch maintained a fleet for use in racing driver training.

First-year sales were slow - only 98 GTi-6's were sold in the UK in 1996, and 15 Rallye's in 1998. Since then, both cars quickly gained a reputation as a serious driver's car, which in turn led to the accidental destruction of more than necessary. The following graph shows the numbers of both cars in the UK, and a shocking reminder that at the current rate of decline, there will be no 306 GTi-6 or Rallye left by 2017.

The 306 GTi-6 will remain with us for many years yet and is still the dream car of many. As it becomes more affordable the GTi-6 and Rallye will increasingly fall into the hands of real motoring enthusiasts ... people who appreciate the handling, balance, power and poise of these truly great cars.

Peugeot 306 GTi-6 & Rallye graph

The original idea of the Peugeot 306 GTi-6 & Rallye Owners Club was to set up a central source of GTi-6 information, free to join and accessible to everyone, but primarily for the use of 306 GTi-6 and Rallye owners.

There are several other Peugeot owners clubs, and a great deal of tuning and styling companies, but none dedicated just to the GTi-6, the Rallye and it's owners. Please make good use of this website, and help to make it a central source for GTi-6 enthusiasts. If you have suggestions, ideas or just want to introduce yourself, please make use of the "contact us" section and I'll try to help out where I can.

All contributions, reports and reviews will be gratefully received.


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